Environmental migration could be next challenge

“Climate change migration” could be the next challenge we face, according to a migration dynamics expert.

“It is clear, that Sub-Saharan African countries will be hit the first and the hardest by the impacts of climate change, which will have a tremendous impact on agriculture,” said François Gemenne, a specialist on migration dynamics.

“When you know, that about half of the Sub-Saharan African population depends directly on subsistence agriculture for one’s livelihood that means that a lot of those, we call economic migrants arriving in Europe today are also environmental migrants,”

However, Gemenne added that most of the migration movements are internal.

“If one takes West Africa for example, 55% of migration from West Africa goes to another country of West Africa, which means that we need to support African cities in dealing with these additional flows of migrants and we need to create migration schemes with safe and legal routes for those who will want to come to Europe,” added Gemenne.