World Anti-Doping Agency reinstates Russian Anti-Doping Agency

The World Anti-Doping Agency declared Russia’s scandal-ridden drug-fighting operation back in business Thursday, a decision designed to bring a close to one of sports’ most notorious doping scandals but one bitterly disputed by hundreds of athletes and described as “treachery” by the lawyer for the man who exposed the corruption. On a 9-2 vote, the […]

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World Anti-Doping Agency votes to reinstate Russia

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‘Cheat and you’ll get away with it’: Canadian athletes sound off on WADA decision to reinstate Russia


Freddie Highmore calls The Good Doctor a hopeful remedy for dark times

The hero of The Good Doctor, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, represents the show’s title in more ways than one. Dr. Shaun Murphy is exceptionally skilled at curing patients, but he’s also morally good, able to see the light in others even if he can’t always connect. The Good Doctor is breaking […]

‘BTS Army’ invades Hamilton for K-pop band’s three sold-out shows

Michael Moore envies Canada — for its chocolate bars

Hey, marshmallows, new season of ‘Veronica Mars’ is coming to Hulu


Smoking linked to higher dementia risk

Smokers have a higher risk of developing dementia, but giving up smoking can lower that risk, according to a new study in South Korea. Long-term quitters and those who had never smoked had 14 per cent and 19 per cent lower risks for dementia, respectively, compared to smokers who kept up with the habit, the study authors reported in […]

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Passengers bleed from ears, noses after Indian flight loses cabin pressure

Want life insurance? You may want to track your fitness, says John Hancock


‘Game of Thrones’ altar discovered at ancient temple

Archaeologists have unlocked the secrets of an amazing 1,500-year-old altar discovered at a Maya temple deep in the Guatemalan jungle. The ornately carved altar was discovered in 2017 at the Maya site of La Corona, located in the Petén jungle near the Mexico border. When it was first found, the altar was encased in the […]

Dog owners share heartbreaking tales after alleged PetSmart grooming deaths

Scientists gave octopuses molly and it went as well as you’d expect

Ex-beauty queen under fire for claims big game hunting helps conservation


Cat finds bag of ‘cocaine and heroin’ and brings it home

A cat has apparently found and brought home a bag of what are suspected to be class A drugs. The moggie’s owner, from St Pauls in Bristol, found the pet “curled up” next to the bag on Monday morning, meaning it acquired the drugs while out roaming on Sunday night, probably leaving a dealer out […]

Squirrels caught in ‘Gordian Knot’ have tails freed

Oz PM puts hands up over explicit song use

Restaurant chain loses £145m after dead rat found in soup

Students ‘binged on pizzas to avoid military service’

Tourists face €500 fine for sitting down in Venice